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CropPro Smart Farm 2021

Field tours held at the CropPro Smart Farm at Naicam, SK to showcase applied and new precision technology. Groups will be guided through the field to view differences due to water, soil, nutrients, variable-rate applications, etc.


Free for farmers, partners, and academia. $50 for all other attendees. 25 people per session.


Select dates from July 20 - August 5. Sessions held from 12pm-3pm each day with lunch provided. *August sessions will open when July sessions fill up*


Sessions begin with lunch and a presentation at the CropPro Consulting head office at 206 1st Ave N in Naicam, SK. Field tour will follow at site 2 miles east of Naicam.


Technology Demonstrated

  • Drone cover crop seeding

  • Drone spraying by prescription

  • SWAT WATER modelling

  • Yield maps by zone

  • Protein mapping

  • SWAT CAM crop and weed mapping

Variable-Rate Applications

  • Avadex (dry)

  • Two varieties of wheat

  • Phosphate trials

  • Zinc trials

  • Urea

  • UAN topdress

  • Herbicide

  • Caramba

Demonstration Partners

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