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Agronomy Services

Field scouting and recommendations for weeds, insects, fertility, and disease is the foundation of our business and a very important service our farm clients have come to rely on. 

Learn about each of our agronomy service offerings or view our complete price list below.


General Scouting

Target plant stands, crop health issues, tillage versus no-till, and new technologies are all examples of things observed in year-to-year general scouting. General scouting provides observations producers wouldn't normally catch.


Insect Scouting

Monitoring insects and deciding if it pays to control them is rarely an easy job as insects can be unpredictable. Timing is very important as each insect has a unique life cycle and habitat that requires a high level of understanding.


Disease Scouting

The focus for disease scouting is to have a clear understanding of all diseases present on the farm and minimize the impact they have on crop yield and quality.

If a fungicide or seed treatment is available and proven to provide a return on investment, it may be a wise decision. However, in most cases the goal is to use crop rotation, variety selection, and other cultural techniques that cost nothing.

Close Up of Corn Field

Crop Planning

An integrated crop production and pest management plan begins with a solid crop rotation plan. CropPro includes all of the important details required to make a sound crop rotation plan. Fertility information, crop/variety history, recropping restrictions, detailed weed information, and crop suggestions for each field are all taken into account.


Pesticide Recommendations

CropPro has focused heavily on designing services for pesticide recommendations because we feel that our clients require more than just advice. They require a professional to manage this component of their operation.
The goal is to provide long-term control of pests at the lowest cost and keep the spray operation running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

What Our Clients Say

We hired CropPro in 2003 to do all of our scouting and haven’t had to check a field since!

Eric Klettberg.png
Eric Klettberg

CropPro keeps me spraying the right products at the right time.

Corey Fehr

I feel grateful to be a customer of such a forward-thinking company.

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Ryan Hering


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Insights from the field are shared directly from the (Crop) Pros. Learn more on our blog.

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Want to see our technology in the field? Visit our YouTube channel to discover how SWAT Maps can help you.

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