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Your Field is Our Office

Saskatchewan’s Elite Agronomy & Variable-Rate Service Provider


As the longest running independent consulting firm in Saskatchewan, we have designed our services to provide the foundation of what our clients need. We provide elite agronomy and fertility advice, validated by our 95% acreage retention rate.



We offer complete farm agronomy management including insect, weed and disease scouting, all season long.

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We are proud to provide SWAT MAPS, the industry’s premier variable-rate fertilizer and seed program.


With SWAT MAPS as the foundation, we are helping Saskatchewan farmers maximize nutrient allocation, unveil their soil potential, and increase their profitability - all with their existing fertilizer budget.

Our clients find extraordinary value in this premium variable-rate fertilizer and seed solution and we are confident that you will too.

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What Our Clients Say

I tried CropPro for the first time on 3 variable fields and I have to admit I was very skeptical. But so far impressed. Our VR’d barley was more even and yielded 9.6% higher with same fertilizer. And this is the most even I’ve ever seen this saline, eroded, rolling field.

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Kelvin Hannah

Incredible, trained, committed staff! Sincerely, we had a new person come on to CropPro and she took off meeting/carrying forward like nothing changed! To me it really reflects on quality of people attracted to this team.

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Marcel van Staveren

Our whole farm has been mapped with SWAT MAPS. Our soil and available water changes in short distances on our land and the SWAT MAPS mapping system delivers high definition maps representing the fields.

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Colin Rosengren


Keep on top of the latest agronomy and technology news, trends, and insights. Visit our blog to get agronomy advice right from the field. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep updated on our service offerings, events, and innovations.

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Insights from the field are shared directly from the (Crop) Pros. Learn more on our blog.

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Want to see our technology in the field? Visit our YouTube channel to discover how SWAT MAPS can help you.

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18 Years of Business

CropPro Consulting began in 2003 with Cory Willness. Since then, we have grown to a team of 20+ staff across Saskatchewan with offices in Naicam and Yorkton. 

We provide unrivalled agronomic support and variable-rate fertilizer and seed solutions. We are proud to provide high-value services to our clients.

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