2022 Smart Farm Field Tours

We are excited to be hosting our third annual field tours at the CropPro Smart Farm near Naicam, SK. The tours are scheduled from July 12-18. 


This year we will be featuring intercropping: the field includes strip trials of canola/lentils, canola/fabas, canola/peas, as well as replicated strip trials of all pulses individually. The field has also been under-seeded to alfalfa; two varieties were selected for normal vs. wet areas of the field. There is lots happening in the field this year! 


Field tours will be held from 9am-12pm and 1-4pm on the following days: 

Tuesday, July 12

Wednesday, July 13

Thursday, July 14

Friday, July 15

Monday, July 18 (morning only) 


The sessions will begin with a presentation at the CropPro office (206 1st Ave N, Naicam, SK) and the tour will follow at the field site 2 miles east of Naicam. Coffee and pastries will be available for the morning session and lunch will be provided starting at 12:45pm for the afternoon session. We are looking forward to having you join us!