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Succeed with Variable-Rate

Wednesday, March 3 at 10:00am (Northeast SK)

Featuring local agronomists Kerrie de Gooijer and Jill Sparrow


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Mapping Agriculture Production Systems

Doing variable-rate right.

Our independent consulting business offers the best variable-rate fertilizer and seed services using

Soil, Water and Topography (SWAT) MAPS. 

Crop Management Services (CROPS)

Crop Management Services (CROPS) has been our core service offering since our inception in 2003. We offer complete farm agronomy management including insect, weed and disease scouting, all season long.

Technology Enhanced Consulting 

Are you a consultant or agronomist looking for ways to get better organized, report advice more professionally, and add leading edge services but lack the technology or people to do it? We offer free software packages for farmers and connectivity packages for consultants. 

"CropPro MAPS located all of our solonetzic soils and helped us spend that money on the most productive areas of the field."

- David Beach, Farmer, Weyburn SK

Absolutely FREE farm data management

Connect multiple farm staff, managers and agronomists

Logistics coordination for spray jobs and other important tasks involved with crop production records

View scouting observations, pictures, soil tests and all your history right on your phone

MAPS viewer with GPS coordinates right in the palm of your hand

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