zone maps

CropPro has spent many years trying to find a way to map fields in east-central Saskatchewan. The variability in our area has some unique features. The fertility attributes of our fields also have some unique features.

Figures 1 to 3 above show three different options for Zone MAPS. We typically develop 10 zones. Once the zones get around 5 we feel the resolution is too low and small pockets of salinity and light soils become lost. With 10 zones we can separate severe salinity into zone 10, moderate salinity into zone 9, and light salinity into zone 8 for example. Zone 10 will grow nothing anyway, zone 9 might have light growth, and zone 8 will produce 70% of a crop. Without 10 zones in this example we can only group salinity into 1 zone and thus it becomes of too low a resolution to accurately manage it.

SWAT Zone MAPS are the foundation of our variable-rate fertilizer services. Our process is unique and of very high quality. When the quality is this high it is done right the first time and therefore we only charge for Zone MAPS once, even if we modify them in the future. If you would like us to Zone your fields with our MAPS process, please contact us.

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