zone based crop checks

Zone Based Plant Stand Counts, CropPro

The picture above was taken from one of our fields where we did zone based plant stand counts.

Knowing what plant stands are throughout the field helps fine-tune our variable-rate seed strategies. In this field we increased the seed rate in the wet spots, and the plant counts are showing that they survived. Most of the time the wet spots show low plant counts, hence the need to increase the seed rates there.

In the other zone areas of the field, the counts were actually on the low side of where we would like to see them. Stands of 12-15 plants per square foot are low. On a long term basis, annual zone checks provide us with details on the farmers success with seed establishment.

Plant stand counts are just one aspect we can monitor with zone based crop checks. You can read literature, go to meetings, call experts and so on....but without having your advisors checking annually what is really going on in the field what good is it? We know what's going on in our fields.