Veris maps

What Does A Veris Do?

  • The Veris machine measures soil electrical conductivity (EC). This provides a detailed soil properties map. Soil textural properties (sand, silt, clay content) as well as salinity (salts in the soil) are mapped extremely accurately with this unit.

  • Two coulters send a current and four receive it back. This provides two depths of soil information.

CropPro purchased the first Veris sold into Saskatchewan in 2008 and has mapped a wide variety of soil types throughout this province.

Veris MAPS, Solonetzic Soil Map, Saline Soil Map, Variable Soil Map

What Does The Above Example Depict?

  • Figure 1 (above) is a field near Weyburn Saskatchewan that has Solonetzic soils.  These soils are captured perfectly by the Veris machine.  This allows us to manage these soils with seed and fertility seperately from the productive areas of the field.

  • In Figure 2 (above) there are several areas of saline affected soil.  Some of the areas are quite small and some are quite large.  No other method of Zone Management is able to capture soil variablity like this. 

  • The field that is represented in Figure 3 (above) has a vast range of soil types and textures.  The red areas have low organic matter and course texture.  On the north and south sides of the field there is peat with salinity.



Without the Veris machine, it would be impossible to ground truth our land. There is just too much variability.

One of our machines also has the Optic Mapper for mapping soil organic matter.

Visit the Veris website to learn more.