Technology Enhanced Consulting (TEC)

Are you a consultant or industry agronomist looking for ways to get better organized, report advice more professionally, and add leading edge services but lack the technology or people to do it? 


TEC services are designed for industry and consulting businesses that require specialized technology, systems, or services that they would like to outsource to a team of experienced professionals. We have done a lot of custom work, especially custom EC/RTK Mapping and Zone MAPS creation. CropPro does not engage the client or provide the recommendations, we just work within the specific area asked of us as a fee for service.

Click on the images below to learn more about each TEC service. 

  • custom maps.gif
    Custom MAPS
  • gis software.jpg
    GIS Software
  • satellite imagery.jpg
    Satellite Imagery
  • consulting software.jpg
    Consulting Software