SWAT Zone Map

Soil, water, and topography (SWAT) MAPS are the all-in-one, most valuable variable rate fertilizer and seed map in the industry. Our clients unanimously pick these MAPS to base their zones on.


 What are SWAT MAPS?  

  • A proprietary process for building Zone MAPS.

  • Field specific and based on layers of knowledge.

  • It is a trademarked and patented process.

  • They are the basis of almost all of our prescription layers. 


 How Are SWAT MAPS Created?  

  • Layers such as RTK elevation, topography features, soil organic carbon, water flow paths, and electrical conductivity can all be used to build these MAPS. 

  • Every region is slightly different, and every field within a region is slightly different. Considerable skill and proprietary software tools are required to make the MAPS. It is not a push button process like satellite imagery.

The SWAT BOX is an autonomous mapping unit which facilitates the patented SWAT MAPS process. The SWAT BOX can be mounted to a truck or various farm implements. It uses the CropRecords.com platform to wirelessly upload and store the MAPS. These units are available for purchase by farmers, consultants, or retailers anywhere in North America.