service packages

As the longest running independent consulting firm in Saskatchewan, we have designed our services to provide the foundation of what our clients need. We are typically lower cost and no frills compared to the consulting industry. We believe solid core agronomy is still the primary way to build profit in farms, things like weed and disease control, strong fertility programs, and insect monitoring. We offer extra services and options but the bulk of our farm business is still focused on services that maximize core agronomy.

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    TEC Service Package

    TEC Services are available for industry and consulting businesses that require specialized technology, systems, or services that they would like to outsource to a team of experienced professionals. We have done a lot of custom work, especially custom EC/RTK Mapping and Zone MAPS creation. CropPro does not engage the client or provide the recommendations, we just work within the specific area asked of us as a fee for service.

  • MAPS Service Package

    MAPS Services provide farmers with the most advanced mapping procedures available and the services they need at a fair price. Our MAPS services offer EC/RTK MAPS including multiple Zone MAPS creation, soil testing, and yet offer the lowest fees in Canada. Includes first year mapping fees. For more information on pricing for SWAT MAPS, please visit

  • CROPS Service Package

    These services have been in very high demand. We are only adding CROPS services to farm clients who work in our MAPS variable-rate fertilizer and seed services. This provides many efficiencies for our business and clients receive a discount for doing both. CROPS services have been the foundation of our business and continue to be in high demand as weed, insect, and disease control are  very popular services that our farm clients need. Having an entire season farm agronomy manager on retainer is the answer.