Variable Rate prescription MAPS

Once the zoning and soil testing is completed, prescriptions are developed for field application. Prescription MAPS are the final part of the VRF process. They are also the most exciting part as the feeling you get when applying them will change the way you view fertilizing forever. You can now apply the right rate in the right place on every acre of the farm!

Figure 1 above is the Zone MAP of the field and figure 2 is the rates of NH3 we recommended for each zone and built them into a file for the controller. This file will apply the rates written into each specific zone as the applicator fertilizes the field.


What Are Prescription MAPS?

  • Prescriptions are not pictures, they are files. Our reports clearly show the rates selected for each zone. These rates are built into a prescription file, basically a GPS coordinate with a fertilizer and/or seeding rate associated with it.

  • Prescription files are specific to the type of controller used. We can write prescriptions for any controller.

  • This file is loaded on to the controller and the rates change as you move across the field.