Controlling pests at the lowest cost requires proper timing and application, correct products and rates, resistance management, and long-term versus short-term strategies. Many compromises are usually required as wind, rain, and break-downs force this part of a farm operation to run as efficiently as possible. A solid pesticide recommendation is not about picking a product that's the cheapest or the product that controls everything so you don't have to look at the field. It is about working efficiently throughout the season and having the foresight to predict potential crop and pest issues in the future.

From before seeding to freeze up, pest control is an all year job.

Farmers are faced with an immense amount of information these days. They must sort out the programs promising value, product choices, recropping restrictions and residual concerns, crop staging to minimize damage, tank-mix partners, etc. It is difficult to decide what to do when faced with the mammoth task of applying the right products to control the weeds while minimizing costs.

CropPro has focused heavily on designing services for pesticide recommendations because we feel that our clients require more than just advice. They require a professional to manage this component of their operation. During spraying season, there is a lot of pressure to get the job done in a narrow window of opportunity. From detailed spray reports that summarize the fields, acres, products, rates, mixing order, window of application, and hours rainfast to a detailed overview on why we picked these products and what the benefits and drawbacks of the plan are. A list is also provided so the farmer can pick up all the pesticide required to spray the acres on the report. As always, plans change and when the work gets delayed we may call our clients and let them know that changes are pending.

The goal is to provide long-term control of pests at the lowest cost, and keep the spray operation running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.