on-farm trial maps

Trial Prescription Map, Trial Yield Map, On-Farm Trial Maps, CropPro

CropPro has conducted over 500 and counting geo-referenced, replicated field trials on pesticides, fertility, and idea stage concepts. Most of these trials are harvested with yield mapping systems. 

Figures 1-4 are liquid nitrogen rate trials conducted in a field to gauge responses to variable-rate fertilizer application rates. 

In Figure 1, three constant rate strips were applied by the liquid controller automatically within the prescription. 

The harvest data in Figure 2 from the yield MAP define the results. 

In the same field the next year in Figure 3, three replicated constant rate strips of liquid nitrogen were applied by the controller. 

Figure 4 shows the yield MAP results from that trial.

Overall we have learned that the variable-rate program that was implemented was providing higher yields and more profit than the producer practice. But we also learned that our overall rates of nitrogen in the variable-rate program could be increased slightly in order to provide an even better return on investment under high mositure conditions.

On-farm trials are a great way to learn how to keep improving your bottom line.