Croppro STAFF

Our hard working staff are dedicated to getting the job done right. At peak seasons such as seeding, spraying, insect monitoring, and fall mapping and sampling we are always on the job to be one step ahead of our farm clients.

To know more about each of our staff, click the pictures below. 

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Cory Willness
Shannon Willness
Business Manager
Kerrie de Gooijer
Agronomy Services Manager
Brad Dunnington
SWAT MAPS Senior Advisor
Derek Rude
R & D Manager
Shelly Samson
Office Manager
Office: 306-874-9225
Chris Hawkins
Customer Relations Manager
Brandon Smith
Precision Agronomy Specialist
Field Scouting Manager
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Wes Anderson
Senior Fertility Specialist
Alberta Sales Rep
Tyson Walker
MAPS Technology Specialist
Mapping Services Manager
Tracy Fehr
MAPS/GIS Manager
Olivia Stephanyshen
Precision Agronomist
Stacy Gutek
MAPS & GIS Specialist
Hana Ruf
Precision Agronomist
Leonard McGillivray
Facilities Manager
Trevor Friesen
Tech Support Manager
Manitoba Sales Rep
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Jill Sparrow
Precision Agronomist
Danielle Epp
Weather Station Manager
Yield Specialist
Taylor Ellis
Precision Agronomist
Chantal Bauche
Precision Agronomist
Rachelle Johannesson
Precision Agronomist
Mattias Crooymans
Precision Agronomist
Michelle Ostafie
Precision Agronomist
John Hubensky
Mapping Technician
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Jonathan Freeman
Senior Water Specialist
Dallon Leger
MAPS Technology Specialist
Coral Blaikie
Marketing Manager
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Eric Willness
MAPS Technology Specialist
Crop Scout
Ty Willness
Shop Maintenance
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