Mapping Agriculture Production Systems (MAPS)

We offer a variety of mapping services, with SWAT MAPS being the industry's premier variable rate fertilizer and seed map. Please click on the images below to learn more about each map. 

 Why choose us as your variable rate service provider? 

1. We offer the lowest fees in Canada. Our variable rate mapping fees range from $8 to $12/acre and includes soil EC and RTK mapping, imagery and yield map analysis, zone map development including our proprietary SWAT MAPS, complete soil sampling and analysis by zone, and prescriptions for all controllers. After the setup year is complete, our annual fees for soil sampling, analysis, reports and prescriptions are $3 to $4/acre. We are able to offer the lowest prices as we use our own high-tech software system, have extremely lean and efficient work processes, we outsource nothing so have no external costs except soil sample analysis, and we have no expensive marketing programs, infrastructure, or bureacracy.

2. We are 100% independent. We are not affiliated with any machinery, equipment, retailer, manufacturer, or agronomy company. We sell no agriculture inputs. We work with any colour and type of equipment for prescriptions and yield maps. We outsource nothing. We have no forced bias on our advice.

3. Our zone maps and soil sampling have the most complete options. Many service providers are mainly using satellite imagery, which has many serious limitations. Some do not soil sample but have a magical formula for what's in the soil. How can you trust they can offer the best MAPS and recommendations....why not just get all the soil, water, and topography MAPS along with imagery and yield maps? Why not get detailed soil tests done on the field and decide for yourself? We offer everything as a part of our package so the farm client knows they are getting the best Zone MAPS. They can choose from everything available including SWAT MAPS, our proprietary and most popular choice. Then it is sampled and tested with complete analysis, and sampled every year. We let the farmer decide which MAPS they want to manage their field with and we don't just guess, we soil test.

  • EM38 MAPS
    em38 map.jpg
  • RTK Elevation MAPS
    rtk elevation map.jpg
  • Zone MAPS
    zone maps.jpg
  • Real-Time Biomass MAPS
    real time biomass maps.jpg
  • Yield MAPS
    yield map.jpg
  • Confidence MAPS
    confidence maps.jpg
  • Biomass MAPS
    biomass maps.jpg
  • As-Applied MAPS
    as applied maps.jpg
  • On-Farm Trial MAPS
    on farm trial maps.jpg
  • Scout/Sample MAPS
    scout _ sample maps.jpg
  • Drainage MAPS
    drainage map.jpg
  • Flow Accumulation MAPS
    flow accumulation map.jpg
  • Prescription MAPS
    prescription map.jpg