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Jonathan Freeman

Senior Water Specialist


Jonathan is our Senior Water Specialist based out of South Africa, although he plans to move to Calgary when possible.  Jonathan grew up on a sugarcane and citrus Farm in South Africa. He began his horticulture career on the same farm, where he worked, managing farm irrigation, logistics, harvesting etc, until the age of 25. He subsequently completed his BSc degree with Honours in Water Resource Management and GIS. He worked in the Water Resources Field for 10 years before moving back into Agriculture, where he has spent the balance of his working career as an Agronomist specializing in Agricultural Technology. Jonathan says he gains the most satisfaction in his work through engaging with clients/farmers/staff and enabling an understanding and successful application of technology. "You have got to feel/see/smell the soil/plants/water for any tech to become applied. I thoroughly enjoy working with people/clients and facilitating business growth through client development." Jonathan is married with two young boys, is an active member of Agronomy, GIS and Water Resource/Land Rehabilitation Societies, and enjoys being outdoors whether it be playing squash, mountain biking, trail running, or surfing. 

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