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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are computer software programs that can provide functionality for GPS data. They are the foundation of making MAPS. 

Basic mapping systems support GPS data collection such as combine yield maps, sprayer path maps, field borders, soil sampling points, etc. The basic use of these types of programs is to record the GPS coordinates along with some type of attribute. They can be used to log files to create maps from field activities. Collecting geo-referenced NDVI data from the GreenSeeker Handheld is an example of how this type of configuration is used. Soil sampling, field border maps, crop damage claims, leaf-cutter bee shelter maps and more are all facilitated by using these software programs, a ruggedized tablet PC, and a backpack GPS configuration.

High-powered GIS software programs provide a platform for recorded data processing. Many tasks can be performed with maps and the underlying data that they are built on.


We use several high-powered GIS software programs on a regular basis. These programs have amazing functionality for the high-end user. CropPro is a reseller of GK  Ag Data Mapping Solution for processing raw data and prescription file writing. This is a very powerful and user friendly software package that has different modules to suit your needs. We also use, and are resellers, of other packages for specific tasks. 

Industry and crop consultants who work with our TEC Services will have access to the GIS software they need.