drainage MAPS

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We are excited to offer drainage planning services. Once we have RTK elevation MAPS of our clients fields, we are able to build background layers for the tractor and scraper to hit the field and cut ditches in the correct spots and in the correct direction. 

  • Figure 1 shows an RTK elevation. 

  • Figure 2 shows the drainage plan with depressions, flow paths, and main ditch areas. 

  • Figure 3 shows why good drainage is important. Even a few inches of standing water will kill off the crop.

We typically do not offer drainage services unless farmers are already our clients for our MAPS variable-rate service. Drainage is a contentious and legal issue. Clients we work with on a significant amount of acres for Variable-rate Fertilizer and Seed MAPS, we usually just offer the MAPS for free. It's normally a fee for service but yes, you read it correctly, if your entire farm is mapped we will do them for free!