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Danielle Epp

Weather Station Manager, Yield Specialist


Danielle recently joined our team as a Precision Ag Specialist. She has been working in the agriculture industry since 2009, and doing precision ag since 2012. Danielle has worked with both imagery and soil based zone creation. She has experience with farm management software design and database creation. Danielle worked with Ultimate Yield Institute implementing precision ag and assisting with the research division, and then joined the Agritrend/Trimble team helping develop their precision program and improving their software platform. Most recently, Danielle worked for Pattison Agriculture specializing in their software and machine data. She enjoys the problem solving, detective work aspect of precision agriculture, as well as using unconventional methods to find answers and working with data to identify trends. Danielle loves technology, gadgets, IoT and finding a way to 'use all this cool new stuff' and still maintain privacy in the digital age. She says, "I have an archaeology degree so I am more than willing to take a look at the arrowhead collection most farmers have!" Welcome Danielle. 

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