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TEC Custom MAPS development is a service for industry and consulting businesses that would like to harness the MAPS building expertise at CropPro. For farmer related MAPS services please visit the MAPS section of our website.

We have worked for years to master special mapping techniques to build the finest Zone MAPS possible for variable-rate fertilizer and seed layers. It is critical that a Zone MAP accurately identifies each area of the field that needs to be managed separately into a specific management zone. There are too many service providers that just "work with what they have". If all you have is a few yield maps and some historical satellite imagery, you are not going to get the best Zone MAPS possible.


If you are wanting to offer variable-rate fertilizer and seed services, don't just sign-up with some company that can provide you with satellite imagery and some software. If you want to be confident your MAPS are the best possible and develop a long-term business model, your gut should be telling you that this is it. Too many people are entering this market with weak implementations and this won't last. Quick business models with cookie-cutter approaches to MAPS building are not the foundation of variable-rate. It took us years to develop our patent pending SWAT MAPS approach.


Drainage plan MAPS are a popular second choice for custom MAPS we offer.


Hire us for custom MAPS development or contact us to become a partner and start building a business based on rock solid MAPS development.