confidence maps

Average Production Zone Map, Max Production Zone Map, Confidence Zone Map, Confidence Maps, Satellite Imagery

Confidence mapping is a very useful procedure that can only be done by becoming a user of the GK consultant package. Developed by GK, this method improves the confidence levels of zone mapping with any biomass source, such as Yield MAPS or Satellite Imagery MAPS. Confidence MAPS are the way to go for biomass based approaches.

The Ag Data Mapping Solution software will use multiple years of biomass to predict what the average productivity, maximum productivity, and confidence zones derived from this analysis. If the multiple years biomass layers used are very inconsistent, the confidence level will be low which suggests the maps are probably an unreliable source to base your Zone MAPS from. If the confidence level is high, the zones are consistent from year to year based on biomass and the Zone MAPS derived from the biomass layers should be reliable.


Most companies in western Canada using imagery have poor methods to assure a farm client that the data is any good. If you just pick an image from one year and the other ten images are all different, how do you have confidence that one map will work? It has already proven it only looks right in one out of ten years. Conversely, if you merge ten years together you may have a ten year average, but if all ten years are quite different then in reality the consistency of the variability is low and cannot be reliable.