As-applied maps

CropPro zone map, NH3 prescription map, NH3 as applied map, CropPro

You will need to know if your prescription fertilizer application went on correctly. We can join you in the equipment initially to make sure it is working properly and then process the files after you are finished to make sure all the settings and timings are accurate.

Above is an example of a 640 acre field. The Zone MAP in figure 1 and the Prescription MAP we wrote in figure 2. What the controller actually did is on the right in figure 3. This was a TopCon X20 with a 60 foot NH3 applicator operating at 6 to 7 mph. The NH3 was applied at an angle and you can see a little bit of that pattern on the as-applied map on the right.

However, this equipment is configured properly and is working extremely well. Sometimes a few adjustments are required but with a few tweaks, our Prescription MAPS will look almost identical to the As- Applied MAPS.