CropPro Consulting began in 2003...

with Cory Willness, primarily focused on Crop Management Services and on-farm research with local farmers. As one of the pioneers of independent consulting in Saskatchewan, Cory has fined tuned services and gained a lot of experience working on a large acreage base. Cory was also chair of NARF and the Project Agrologist for the Saskatchewan VRT Project from 1998-2002 with a group of leading edge farmers in the Melfort area that were using variable-rate technology.

Presently, we have a great staff and also offer MAPS variable-rate services and TEC custom mapping and software. We didn't just adopt a piece of software with a process developed somewhere else, we developed our own mapping methods and systems that match the agronomic needs of farms in Saskatchewan. We own and operate an excellent consulting software package and file sync system that keeps our field operations efficient and backed-up by the minute.

CropPro has always focused on fair prices, meat and potatoes services, low infrastructure and costs, and frank advise without bias. We treat every customer uniquely as everyone has their own approach to risk and equipment. If you want frills that come with the excess marketing, the high prices, and the cookie cutter approach that services the mass market don't call us. If you want someone that works the dirt with low fees every day and knows what is really happening in the field, contact us.