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Weigh Wagon

Yield mapping systems can provide a greater depth of knowledge than a straight weight trial. However, yield monitors still require calibration and the weigh wagon comes in handy for that. Many times the operator of the combine would rather just dump the trial in the wagon and forget about any extra work. Whatever the reason, if a lot of on-farm trials are coming off, the weigh wagon is a very valuable piece of equipment. 

Weights, Samples, and Convenience

To keep farm cooperators investing a bit of harvest time in an on-farm trial it has to be well organized, efficient, and convenient.

The weigh wagon can be transported quickly from field to field.

Weights and samples are taken and the gas powered auger can unload into a grain truck or grain cart.

A well designed trial can be taken off as quickly as the combine can harvest and unload.

It is worth the effort for all parties involved!

Thanks to Hetland Seeds for the use of this equipment.


On Farm Testing

We would like to thank Hetland Seeds Ltd. for sponsoring the use of their weigh wagon.
-- Cory Willness